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A whole new world

Autumn is the hiking season of the year. With winter approaching, this is the time for the entire family to soak up sunshine and enjoy this trans­itional phase of nature. LOWA has come up with tips that will help to turn a family hiking adventure into a complete success. One thing is certain: There’s a lot to discover! | More …


Packed with the dna of an outdoor shoe. MALTA GTX MID

for Women for Men

Tipps für Gassigeher im Herbst

Walking the dog

Around 10 million dog owners in Germany share your fate several times a day. The worse the weather outside is, the more pleasure that Fido, Lassie and friends seem to take in walking in it. For this reason, anyone who has roamed across neigh­bourhood fields and woods has already learned one lesson: Tough, robust and completely weatherproof footwear is a must here. | More …

Image photo with the RENEGADE GTX MID Ws, Image Shooting Gardasee

The classic – at the top for more than 20 years. RENEGADE GTX MID Ws

for Women for Men

Tipps für Gassigeher im Herbst

The proper way to explore nearby natural settings

A forest on the edge of town or a meadow just around the corner – quite often, we do not need to travel far to enjoy the wonders of nature. You can frequently enjoy the pleasures of nearby natural settings simply by going for a long walk. But you need to keep a few things in mind in order to protect the local coun­tryside. | More …


Corporate Respons­ibility

You will find few industries that are linked so closely to nature as the outdoor industry. This is why corporate respons­ibility (CR) and sustain­ability have become increasingly important in recent years and have also been incor­porated into LOWA’s company philosophy. | More …

Find your shoe

Find your perfect LOWA shoe in less than five minutes. | More …

LO&WA Winter Iglu

Kids’ corner

Our chil­dren’s corner will provide you will all sorts of inter­esting information about the siblings LO & WA and their friend, the peregrine falcon LOWINGO. See for yourself, discover where the friends love to hang out and hear about all of their adventures! | More …